Froetic Organics Lemongrass Co-wash

Not so long ago, a new brand of natural hair products called Froetic Organics popped up on my twitter feed (@FroeticO). I had been looking for a good conditioner to make part of my monthly regimen as I had just incorporated co-washing into my routine but the search ended quickly as it seemed this brand found me.

It’s typical of my 4b curls to go through the most shrinkage. I’ll try as I might to stretch my hair but with no re-styling, my coils will revert to their teeny tiny natural form before the week is done. Because I have such high shrinkage hair, a good conditioner is very important to me. To me, a good conditioner is one that leaves the hair soft and ready to brush even when shrunken. I browsed the Froetic Organics page and I found out that their products were 100% natural with no additives or artificial colourants, only with vitamin E oil used to preserve. I decided it was their Lemongrass co-wash that I would try. I ordered the co-wash along with their whipped shea butter and I received the products within five days of placing the order. I was so excited to use it but it wasn’t wash day, yet.

Finally, wash day did come and I got to use my new conditioner! The first thing I absolutely loved was the lemongrass fragrance, it made my whole bathroom smell lovely and the scent lingered even after I was done. Secondly, it left my hair feeling soft and my curl pattern was… popping. I left my hair to shrink so I could really judge the effectiveness and to mt relief, my shrunk coils were still soft and the elasticity in the hair was great. When pulled, my curls stretched beautifully and reverted back to their natural curl pattern without looking lifeless and dry. I really liked this product and I will definitely be re-stocking.



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