Welcome to Melanin Thing!

Initially, starting this blog was a way for me to order my thoughts when it came to afro textured hair. I call it my melanin thing because when I big chopped, it was all part of my journey to embrace my blackness. Now that it’s been a little longer than a year of caring for and embracing afro textured hair, I know well the differences between navigating society as a woman with natural black hair and navigating as a woman with straight or not natural black hair. If you’re on my blogsite because you’re a coil sister already then I welcome you to the conversation. If you’re here because you’re considering coming over to the afro side and looking for some tips; that’s great! I wish I knew better when I first started.

I’m about to get personal so if you’re not about that then this is it for us on this page. Navigate the categories to find articles that may appeal to you.

My name is Thendo. I’m 20 and I’m a university student. I live in South Africa and I’m studying education (yup, I’m gonna be a teacher). Hair has been a thing for me since before I can remember. Growing up, I had relaxed hair which was very normal at the time. Towards the end of my high school career, I noticed that my hair was limp and lifeless and there had to be another way. I didn’t want to jeopardize my chances of looking good for my matric dance so I didn’t big chop, I stayed hesitant for a whole year after that. Eventually, I did big chop. I did it at a salon I used to work at in my gap year. Working at a salon was great for me and enriched me with great knowledge for my own natural hair journey.

The past year of being natural has been great! There have been times of frustration because there are no similarities between having straight hair and coily hair. It’s like you have to learn how to do everything again from the way you wash the hair right down to how you put it in a pony tail (or pony puff). But luckily, learning is the best part because the hair reacts to methods it likes in a way that can make you really proud. I hope my journey can help you out of frustrating times if you get there and I hope I’ll be able to influence some good hair decisions.