Froetic Organics Lemongrass Co-wash

Not so long ago, a new brand of natural hair products called Froetic Organics popped up on my twitter feed (@FroeticO). I had been looking for a good conditioner to make part of my monthly regimen as I had just incorporated co-washing into my routine but the search ended quickly as it seemed this brand found me.

It’s typical of my 4b curls to go through the most shrinkage. I’ll try as I might to stretch my hair but with no re-styling, my coils will revert to their teeny tiny natural form before the week is done. Because I have such high shrinkage hair, a good conditioner is very important to me. To me, a good conditioner is one that leaves the hair soft and ready to brush even when shrunken. I browsed the Froetic Organics page and I found out that their products were 100% natural with no additives or artificial colourants, only with vitamin E oil used to preserve. I decided it was their Lemongrass co-wash that I would try. I ordered the co-wash along with their whipped shea butter and I received the products within five days of placing the order. I was so excited to use it but it wasn’t wash day, yet.

Finally, wash day did come and I got to use my new conditioner! The first thing I absolutely loved was the lemongrass fragrance, it made my whole bathroom smell lovely and the scent lingered even after I was done. Secondly, it left my hair feeling soft and my curl pattern was… popping. I left my hair to shrink so I could really judge the effectiveness and to mt relief, my shrunk coils were still soft and the elasticity in the hair was great. When pulled, my curls stretched beautifully and reverted back to their natural curl pattern without looking lifeless and dry. I really liked this product and I will definitely be re-stocking.



Keeping It Clean (Low Porosity Woes)

Wash day things can be really annoying. Wash day things can take the whole day. Pre-pooing, shampooing and co-washing are what I mean by ‘wash day things’. As if that’s not enough, we still have to deal with the stress of knowing the different synthetic ingredients (if you prefer store-bought products) or natural ingredients (if you prefer making your own products) and how your hair will react. Sometimes it feels like we’re going through the most for our hair when really, we’re just keeping it clean. Getting the right wash routine can take some time and once you’ve got it; you’ll probably still update it as you expand your knowledge or as hair goes through changes.

I may have disrupted my routine when I randomly substituted Tressemme Naturals shampoo for African Black Soap, not because the African soap was a bad product (its actually really great) but because that’s the last time I remember knowing exactly what’s going on with my routine. I only had a small piece of black soap that lasted me about three washes and when it was done, I reverted to my trusty Tressemme Naturals shampoo and to my disappointment, my hair felt like straw. The crazy thing is that I had never observed a reaction like that from this shampoo. I went in with a deep conditioner to troubleshoot and luckily the hair did feel a lot softer but the need for a new shampoo was apparent. I’ve trialled a bunch of shampoos up to this point including the Earthy shampoo bar (which left my hair feeling kind of waxy, I didn’t like that). Eventually, I did find products that I was happy with but they aren’t shampoo.

So here I am giving up shampoo. Yes, I’m becoming one of those ‘no-shampoo naturals’ and my hair and I are so happy about this decision! We’ve never felt better (get it? Because my hair literally feels better). One thing that all the shampoos I tried had in common is that they really made my hair feel dry. I suppose the point of shampoo is to strip the hair of oils (dirt) but the synthetic ingredients in the products which function to do exactly that are what I have a problem with, as they leave my hair feeling dry and strained as opposed to moist and soft. So I’m giving it up.

“No wash day? How will you keep it clean?”, you ask. Well, this change isn’t all that drastic. My wash still happens once a week on a whenever-I-have-the-chance-day (usually on a Sunday) but this time, I alternate between co-washing one week and cleansing using bentonite clay the next. On days that I use bentonite clay, I follow up with a deep-conditioner and sometimes I go ahead and deep condition after co-washing too.

My new routine is awesome because it eliminates the need for a pre-shampoo detangling process (pre-poo). The bentonite clay functions so well as a detangler so by the time I am done applying it, all that is left to do is rinse. Similarly on days that I co-wash, the conditioner will do the work of detangling. Cutting out the pre-poo process is a great time-saver, which is something that is very important to me when it comes to hair care. This routine is also really great because it promotes great hair hydration, instead of shampoo which seemed to dehydrate the hair, so I would recommend it to all my coil sisters with low porosity woes.

Join the conversation in the comments and tell me, what’s your wash routine?